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Prostate Growth Triggers

With age, the prostate gland grows continuously. In some men, this growth makes the prostate large enough to obstruct urine flow and cause other urinary problems.

We find out what is triggering the growth and why.

... 1. Decrease in Testosterone and Increase in Estrogen

As a man ages, changes in the normal levels of sex hormones occur. The amount of the male hormone, testosterone decreases relative to the increasing amount of circulating estrogen, the main female reproductive hormone which also circulates in men.

This relative increase in circulating estrogen stimulates the production of the testosterone derivative DHT which promotes cell growth in the prostate gland. High estrogen levels have been linked to the development of prostate cancer.

2. Role of DHT Changes

Prostate gland development is also caused by the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). As aging occurs, the amount of DHT in the prostate gland remains high, even through the circulating testosterone level drops. High levels of prostate DHT promotes cell growth and leads to enlargement.

3. Over-masturbation

... Thanks to the internet, men have easy and free access to watch explicit material whenever and wherever he wants. Naturally, watching pornography triggers masturbation in men. The problem – excessive masturbation (several times a day, multiple times a week) can be hard on your prostate and open it to infection and problems.

4. Wrong Diet

The food you eat may cause inflammation to your body. When this happens, this means you would be more susceptible to disease, sickness, and infections including prostate problems. Inflammation can also cause your organs and other body parts are more likely to swell, including the prostate.

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