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Testosterone Defines Men

When we speak about manliness and virility, the hormone, testosterone, quickly comes into the picture. It is associated with aggressiveness, competitiveness, and manhood. This hormone shapes both men’s bodies and minds. Studies have shown that men today, across the population, have about 20% less testosterone than men the same age did just two decades ago.

Rising obesity, environmental toxins, household products, and food-containing chemicals contributed to this decline of testosterone among men. This decline deteriorates the traditionally masculine ways of thinking, acting, and feeling.

The Original Picture of Manliness

... Men with optimal testosterone have the following characteristics:

1. Sharper Mind

There is a direct link between your testosterone levels and your overall cognitive ability. This hormone connection explains why memory loss, difficulty in concentration, and lack of focus are considered symptoms of low testosterone levels.

2. High Confidence

Testosterone determines a man’s drive to win. This is the source of competitiveness that exudes from all men naturally. Testosterone levels shoot up before a fight or a competition. It quicken reactions, increases feelings of endurance, and visual acuteness.

3. Happy Spirit

Men suffering from depression experience deficiency in testosterone. Studies show that depressed men who underwent testosterone treatment displayed improvement in mood.

4. Strong Bones

Testosterone increases bone density. It stimulates bone mineralization and decreases bone resorption.

5. Increased Muscle Mass

Testosterone helps in regulating insulin, glucose, and fat metabolism. By increasing your testosterone levels, you can stimulate a cycle of fat loss. Testosterone also increases protein synthesis resulting in increased muscle mass and strength.

6. Strong Erections and Libido

Low libido and erectile dysfunction are signs of low testosterone.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels

You can increase your testosterone levels by refining your diet and lifestyle. For diet, you can opt to eat more fruits and green vegetables. Brocolli, cauliflower, and cabbage can help boost testosterone levels by removing estrogens that lower testosterone whilde avocados and olives provide good fats needed for healthy testosterone production. Exercise boosts your testosterone levels by increasing your muscle mass, stimulating fat loss, and fortifying your metabolism. If you have all these areas guarded, the production of testosterone run better. Having sufficient sleep also helps in increasing your testosterone levels.

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