Biggie lost 26 kilos in 2 months!

Thank you for your support...

We want to thank everyone of you for supporting Biggie in his quest for health. He has lost 26 kilos and is now enjoying a healthy lifestyle. He may not be in perfect shape yet but he is now a totally-changed person.

From a Pork Knuckle Addict to a Steamed-Chicken Breast Lover ..
From a Sedentary Lifestyle to an Active Holistic Living ..
From Severe Partying to Ultimate Kickboxing ..
From 161 kilos to 135 kilos!

We're proud of you, Biggie!

Biggie continues to undergo the 4-Hour Body Workout, gym training, healthy diet, Ayurveda weight loss remedies, supplementation of Ayurtox for detoxification and Yogic Slim for metabolism enhancement. To learn more about the BRAND NEW BIGGIE, log in to

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Say Hello to Some Easy Fitness Routine


A 30-minute daily workout can make a BIG difference

Most men fail to set some time for a daily exercise regimen because they are tied up with work, business, family tasks, and other personal matters. They think that eating a balanced diet and taking daily vitamins can keep them in good shape. Just as these are both great health measures, exercise has equally the same indisputable value. It remains to be a vital part of all fitness regimens.

Every man has a different fitness goal. Workout routine can be for weight loss, endurance training, or body building.

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss and Self Esteem


“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” – Napoleon

Many people wonder if affirmations work. Well, they certainly do. You need to play close attention to your thoughts. Your way of thinking becomes your reality. And research found out that 90% of man’s thoughts are negative. Change the way you think!

Every word you speak, every thought you think is a form of affirmation. Your inner dialogue is a cascade of affirmations. Your subconscious mind is constantly acknowledging your thoughts and words. This stream of affirmations is establishing your life experiences in every moment.

Water Training: Just Simply Sip


The next change Biggie had to accept was the way he drinks water. Previously, he would just gulp them down from his bottle. He would have a glass or two in the morning when he wakes up and have a few more throughout his day.

The reason for this was because he was always feeling thirsty and he was trying to beat the mandatory rule of drinking at least 8 glasses every day. After the consultation with Dr Kirti, our Ayurvedic doctor, he was strongly advised to change his drinking habits.

Challenge Box

Challenge #3: Mindwork
Details: Recite affirmation statements for weight loss and increased self-esteem
Target Pace: 3 times a day

Monitor Box

Target Weight: 85kg

Weight 352.7 lbs/160 kg
Height 6'1"/185.4 cm
BMI 46.7
Blood Sugar Levels 82
Total Cholesterol 180
HDL - Cholesterol 46
LDL - Cholesterol 110

Current Regimen

Diet: No rice, cut down salty food, munch on nuts
Exercise: Daily Work Out (1hr 30mins)
Ayurtox is a natural supplement geared towards detoxifying your body and enriching your overall health.
Sherpa Strength is a natural supplement geared towards enhancing your musculoskeletal system.

Health Tips

The Bold and the Supplements

Nutritional deficiency is almost impossible to avoid in these modern times. We need to supplement our diet to ensure that we meet the nutrient requirement of the body. Men, being known as the stronger sex, are not excused from this need.


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