BRAND NEW ME: Online Reality Show (20 KG Lost in 2 Months!)

I am Biggie and I want that body

Most weight loss reality TV shows are able to deliver major results achieved through diet and exercise. Brand New Me will go beyond diet and exercise. It will incorporate mental and emotional conditioning, neuro-linguistic programming, total lifestyle changes, and Ayurveda.

We do not encourage unhealthy practices for rapid weight loss. Brand New Me is fully geared towards helping the participant form lasting habits for optimal health. The activities applied in this series are based on natural health principles following a significant timeline. This what differentiates Brand New Me from other reality shows seen on TV or online.

Large scale weight loss in a short period of time will inevitably result in poor metabolism which may lead to rapid uncontrollable weight gain in the next years. Brand New Me aims to instill in the participant a holistic type of living to help him overcome his greatest health challenge.

Brand New Me is an online-reality show produced by Affluent Trade Management (DBA India Herbs) which longs to help people overcome their greatest health challenge. The makers of Brand New Me believe that health can be restored using the most natural approach. The series aims to provide quality information on weight management, habit formation, stress management, general health, diet, cooking, exercise, alternative medicine, and Ayurveda.

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India Herbs is a holistic health care provider with offices in the USA, Singapore, and India. We offer lifestyle guidance in conjunction with extracts-only herbal supplements based on Ayurveda - a 5,000 year old traditional medicine system used by over 900 million people in India! For more information on our "Ancient Remedies for Modern Times", visit

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