"I am hungry again!" Your lean friend asks, "What type of hungry?"

Your first step to healthy weight loss is to know the different types of hunger. Hunger is more than just an empty stomach.

What can Fat Cells Do to You

Optimal weight is necessary to maintain optimal health. Obesity is more than just the pain of looking sluggish and unpleasant. Gaining just 20 extra pounds can double your chances of being afflicted by top chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Your body fats do not passively accumulate. They are metabolically active, producing hormones that affect your metabolism and substances that cause inflammation.

Abdominal fat is said to be the most dangerous stored fat in the body. According to one study published in Diabetes journal, fat packed around your abdomen significantly contributes to chronic inflammation and dysfunctional blood sugar metabolism. This suggests that extra-additional pounds, no matter how few, can severely impact your health. To be able to lose pounds and maintain an ideal weight, you should know how to enhance your metabolism and address your hunger pangs.

Hunger & Metabolism Control

Your hormones regulate your hunger and metabolism. The intensity and frequency of your hunger are determined by an integrated system formed by your stomach, brain, enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones. This same system influences your body's ability to burn and store fat. Thus, the true secret to permanent weight loss is to work with this system to optimize metabolism. The first step to this is to recognize the type of hunger you are feeling so you can respond to it properly.

Two Types of Hunger

1. Physical Hunger

This type of hunger is experienced when you have already depleted your energy stores. It is characterized by feelings of tiredness and discomfort. You may notice a decrease in your mental activity and you feel that your brain could not take in any more information. Physical hunger builds slowly several hours after a meal. Stomach pangs are signs of physical hunger and are manifestations of your physiological need for nutrients and energy. Food instantly relieves this type hunger.

2. Hormonal Hunger

This type of hunger can come at any sudden moment even right after you have had a meal. It is characterized by mood swings, low energy, and emotional cravings for specific foods especially carbohydrates. Hormonal hunger is manifested by a continual desire to eat.

According to Rob Faigin, the author of Natural Hormonal Enhancement, hormonal hunger has nothing to do with a real need for food but is only a result of the interplay of various hormones in your body. To avoid physical hunger, eat before you become hungry. To avoid hormonal hunger, you have to know what to eat. By eating the right foods, you will eliminate hormonal hunger and eat less. Meal cravings will be gone.

Overcoming Hormonal Hunger

Hormonal hunger causes you to eat the wrong foods in excess. To regulate your weight, you must overcome hormonal hunger. Insulin and glucagon are the primary hormones that influence this hunger. Proper diet and exercise maintains them at healthy levels.

Insulin lowers your blood sugar by converting excess glucose to fat and storing it. When you have enough glucose in your blood, insulin blocks your body's access to fat reserves for energy. Glucagon, on the other hand, signals the body to release stored fat for energy. These two hormones have two opposing functions. When insulin goes up, glucagon goes down and vice versa. Insulin promotes fat storage and keeps you fat by blocking your fat reserves from being burned for energy, while, glucagon promotes fat burning for energy. The key to permanent weight loss, without food deprivation, is to keep your body in continuous fat-burning mode by minimizing your insulin and blood sugar levels.

To help stimulate glucagon production, you have to reduce your carbohydrates intake and increase protein intake. A protein-rich diet promotes glucagon production which intensifies fat-burning. It also gives a lasting feeling of fullness. Your body will burn more fat for energy than it stores.

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