Do These More to Lose More!

Things You Can Do More to Aid Weight Loss

With obesity on the hike, more and more people are looking for natural ways to lose weight and achieve an optimal health. This article will present some of the things you can do or have more often to lose more pounds in less time.

Have MORE Green Tea

Eliminate your soda and substitute your coffee with green tea. Green tea extracts play a vital role in the regulation of the body's composition and metabolism. They speed up calorie burning. Also the caffeine found in green tea interacts with its flavonoids and modifies your body's utilization of norepinephrine to increase metabolism.

Have MORE Vegetable Juice

A daily glass of vegetable juice accelerates weight loss. It reduces your appetite and carbohydrate intake while supplying you vitamin C and potassium for energy. It also boosts your immune system, supports brain function, and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, bone loss, stroke, kidney stones, and heart attack. Drinking more fresh vegetable juice also helps to detoxify your body which rejuvenates your body organs allowing them to perform better and metabolize food faster.

If you want to lose more weight, drink more than a single glass daily. Start your morning with a vegetable juice blend. Consider mixing beet juice with apple or carrot juices. Beets contain trace components that help flush toxins from your body. This blend will provide your body essential vitamins and minerals that you'll need throughout the day. Have another glass of vegetable juice before meals for easy digestion and minimal intake of food. Before you exercise, you can try having beet juice, too. It increases your stamina - allowing you to exercise longer and burn more calories. Opt for raw vegetables and do your own juicing. Avoid bottled vegetable juices as most of these may have already lost the valuable micronutrients due to heat and pasteurization.

Have MORE Sleep

While you are getting an ample amount of exercise and following a healthy diet, you might also want to consider getting proper sleep each night. Insufficient sleep adversely impacts weight control. The hormones grehlin and leptin stimulate feelings of hunger and fullness. Produced in the gastrointestinal tract, grehlin stimulates appetite. Produced in fat cells, leptin sends a signal to the brain when you are full. When you do not get enough sleep, leptin levels drop, which means you do not feel as satisfied after your meal. Sleep deprivation also raises grehlin levels, making you crave for more food.

Your hormone production relies on the pace set by your body clock. Your body clock is responsible in waking you up in the morning and making you sleepy at night. If you deprive yourself of sleep or have meals at times when your body clock is expecting you to be sleeping, you are sending conflicting signals to your body. This confuses your internal system and causes an imbalance.

It is your hormones that make you into a fat-burning machine. Even when at rest, your body has the ability to burn fat and prevent further fat storage if your hormones function at their proper levels. It is enhanced metabolism through proper sleep, diet, and exercise that will aid your weight loss.

Not only does lack of sleep impair your weight control, it is also associated with a number of other potentially serious health risks like depression, poor immune function, and elevated blood sugar levels.

Listen to your body. If you still feel lethargic and light headed when the alarm goes off, you probably are not getting sufficient sleep. Make sure you are clocking in at least 8 1/2 hours every night.

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