Super Sex for Longevity

Having sex twice a week reduces chances for heart attack by half

Regular sex improves health and doubles life expectancy. It lowers blood pressure, regulates cholesterol levels, and enhances blood circulation. It aids digestion and intensifies nutrient absorption. Sex also fortifies immune function by saturating the blood with an antibody called immunoglobulin A. It also makes you look younger by promoting collagen production.

Having sex regularly can also beat stress. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is released during sexual intercourse, which stimulates the production of another hormone, endorphins. Endorphins promote relaxation and calmness. Heart disease affects approximately 320,000 American men every year. Having sex twice a week reduces this risk by half. Doctors screen men on their sexual activity when assessing their risk of heart disease.

Be sexually active and reap benefits

Extend your longevity by boosting your libido. Try these natural ways to nourish your adrenals, increase your sexual stamina, and enhance your virility:

Exercise regularly. A fitness workout improves blood flow to sex organs, promoting sensual mood.

Meditate to manage stress. Stress increases the stress hormone levels. This eventually causes testosterone levels to drop leading to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

Get creative. Involvement in new and interesting activities with your partner boosts the brain chemical, dopamine. Dopamine stimulates sex drive.

Have sufficient sleep. Insufficient sleep eventually clogs and hardens penile arteries. When penile arteries become more calcified, penetration is difficult to achieve.

Try different scents. Scents initiate sexual mood. There are many attractive scents and aromatherapy oils that exude sexual charisma.

Take herbal supplements. Look for herbal supplements that improve sexual drive. Ashwagandha is traditionally utilized to enhance the male reproductive system and men's sexual health. Andraka (ginger) stimulates peripheral circulation in extremities. This results in warming effect on testicles and improved functioning of penile muscles. Indian Kudzu has alterative, aphrodisiac, tonic, stimulant properties. It is traditionally used to treat male infertility.

Take charge of your sex life by reducing stress and adapting the recommended lifestyle changes. Great sex promotes longevity and puts you to optimal health.

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