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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) affects about 30 million men worldwide. Treatment may involve regular medications or surgery. Ayurveda provides a better approach to address the disease. This 5,000-year-old science has identified herbs that deliver targeted nutrition to effectively improve prostate health.

Shatavari nurtures the reproductive system by strengthening tissues. It contains alkaloids, proteins, starch, tannins, and mucilage which relieve inflammation and improve urination. These constituents inhibit protein deposits in the lumen of the prostate that can obstruct prostate ducts.

Boerhavia regulates the production of polyamine and prostaglandins, powerful immune-suppressants produced in the prostate. It promotes healthy urine flow by toning smooth muscles of the urinogenital system and reducing inflammation of the urethra.

Orchid Tea
Orchid Tea inhibits the enzyme that controls conversion of testosterone to DHT. It also prevents DHT from binding with prostate cells, thus, preventing constriction of the urethra.

Tribulus is used to ease painful and burning sensation experienced during urination. It reduces urinary discomfort by cleansing and toning the lower abdominal organs. It also improves urine flow by cooling and soothing the membranes of the urinary tract.

Three-Leaf Caper
Three-Leaf Caper is used as a bladder tonic. It purges the urinary tract, improves tissue tone, and decreases residual urine volume. It also prevents the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

Guggul balances the levels of polyamines and prostaglandins. Imbalance of these contributes to prostate problems and poor immune response.

Sensitive Plant
Sensitive Plant contains anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-pyretic, sedative, relaxing, expectorant, and tonic properties. It exerts inhibitory effect on abnormal prostate growth.

To learn more on how to achieve a healthy prostate with a natural approach, visit Ayurstate delivers 50 phytonutrients including Anti-Prostatic, and Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor that work within your body to care for your prostate. Anti-Prostatic relieves prostate enlargement whereas Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor slows down the conversion of testosterone to DHT, reducing the risk of BPH.

India Herbs is a holistic health care provider with offices in the USA, Singapore, and India. We offer lifestyle guidance in conjunction with extracts-only herbal supplements based on Ayurveda - a 5,000 year old traditional medicine system used by over 900 million people worldwide! Visit for more information about "Ancient Remedies for Modern Times".

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