Male Performance Tune-Up February Special

Enjoy a 25% discount when you buy our Male Performance Tune-Up February Special - an intense 3-month sexual nutrition program! This supersaver package contains 3-month supply of each of our best-selling product for male sexual health: Kama Raja for stronger erections, Sukraja for Semen Production, and Ayurstate for powerful ejaculations!

$567 Value for just $420! Promotion valid until Feb 29, 2012 only. Hurry!

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Male Performance Tune-Up

Three months of intense sexual nutrition will help you:

  • Harden & Prolong your Erections
  • Strengthen your Reproductive System
  • Extend your Sexual Stamina
  • Increase semen volume
  • Boost your sperm count
  • Engender Youthful Sexual Response
  • Revitalize your Prostate
  • Improve your Ejaculation Control

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Body Overhaul

The Top Ten Threats to Men and Women


1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Injuries
4. Stroke
5. COPD (Pulmonary Disease)
6. Diabetes (Type 2)
7. Flu Complications
8. Suicide
9. Kidney Disease
10. Alzheimer's Disease


1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Stroke
4. COPD (Pulmonary Disease)
5. Alzheimer's Disease
6. Injuries
7. Diabetes (Type 2)
8. Flu Complications
9. Kidney Disease
10. Blood Poisoning (Sepsis)

Most of these health problems nowadays can be prevented or minimized by providing your mind and body the nutrients they need to function in an optimal manner and continually guard against damage from toxins, free radicals, and aging. The Body Overhaul Package totally rebalances and revitalizes your Mind and Body in 4 months through an intense supplementation / lifestyle enhancement program with medical consultations which will strengthen your heart and arteries, improve your blood circulation reduce your cortisol levels, regulate growth hormone surges, and more.

All intrinsic threat areas are addressed to include cardiovascular care, cancer and stroke prevention, immune system support, blood sugar normalization, detoxification, and mental health.

To learn more about our body overhaul package, please visit Body Overhaul.

Stress Buster Package

Totally rejuvenate your Mind and Body in 4 months through an intense supplementation / lifestyle enhancement program with medical consultations which will:

  • Detoxify and Invigorate your Body
  • Relieve Mental Fatigue and Anxiety
  • Improve your Memory and Concentration
  • Strengthen your Immune System
  • Promote Restorative Sleep
  • Revitalize your Brain Chemistry
  • Increase your Acetylcholine Levels
  • Reduce your Cortisol Levels
  • Thwart Prostaglandin Activity
  • Elevate Melatonin Production
  • Regulate Growth Hormone Surges
  • Combat Free Radicals and Toxins
  • Enhance your Energy and Stamina

All aspects of stress-related degradation are addressed including mental and physical fatigue, toxin buildup, hormonal imbalances, weakened immune response, and sleep deprivation.

To learn more about our stress buster package, please visit Stress Buster.

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