Finding Your Inner Child

Over the years, we have collected several masks that we use in facing different situations in life. Because of the world's competitive nature, we have developed this urgency to act on our own defense every time we perceive something as a threat. Our subconscious gets used to our reactions and piles these memories up - ready to be pulled out whenever similar situation arises again, these sometimes could make us lose touch with our inner child. The inner child is the main core of our being, our very nature, our natural self. It is sometimes called the "wonder child", the "inner self", or the "child within".

The Multiple Masks

We become so used to wearing our masks and tend to forget who we really are, what we really want, what we really do. In the trend of compromise, we tend to search for our happiness through others' approval of us. That is fine so long that the world around us approves the real us. Otherwise, the real happiness is never achieved no matter how large the crowd you own.

When we remember that life is short and days are fleeting, we realize that we need to find that one thing which can really gladden our hearts. We cannot afford a single day spent on mourning over something we cannot change, something that is part of our past. We cannot always carry our yesterday's to today's. Otherwise, we are not getting anything new. This kind of things in the past blinds the inner child in us. This is why we are driven away from our real identity. Fear surrounds us thoroughly that we are consciously protecting ourselves from being rejected and thus, ending in pretensions. The inner child is then imprisoned. When we search for happiness while we are not our real selves, we always get the wrong things to make us happy.

We need to be at peace with ourselves. To commence this quest to reclaiming the inner child within us, we need to accept that we might be wearing multiple masks through the years. We need to admit that this present 'me' may not be the real 'me' already. Admit and assess.

Ways To Find The Kiddo

We are still made up of the inner child despite years of pretension. To free the inner child and close the unresolved cases we have within that could hurt us and cause us depression or health problems, we should one by one do away with the masks we have collected. It all boils down to appreciating the beauty of our uniqueness.

Here are some tips on how to reclaim your inner child

1. Go back to your childhood.

You may find a neglected child, abandoned child, playful child, spoiled, disconnected child, fearful child, and many more. These feelings developed from childhood say a lot about the way you handle relationships now and how you react at certain situations. Recognize particular situations that manifested these emotions.

2. Understand that these events are not you.

Once you have recognized these events, make a clear-cut line between yourself and them. Talk to yourself. Relate them to your reactions at present. Find the connection and be aware of the reasons behind your way of doing things now. Separate your doing from your being.

3. Forgive the past.

Let go. Charge the unlikely events to experience, keep the lessons, and move on. You must learn to forgive yourself. Otherwise, you will never recognize open doors.

4. Remember what you do best.

Put to recall your innate talents. When you were a kid, what did you enjoy doing? Could it be dancing, singing, writing, playing an instrument? Recall and do it again. Carefully sense the kind of joy it gives you. If it is something you are naturally best at, you will recognize the differences in doing things without struggle. Then, you are heading to the factors that make you naturally happy and you are removing your inhibitions.

5. Take a moment to get in touch with your desires.

What is it that you are passionate about? What is the best life for you? Now, you begin to streamline your priorities and you can start focusing on the things that will get you to your best life picture. It is the inner child within you that has drawn this picture. This shall give extreme excitement and empower you to seize the day.

6. Keep in mind what the inner child is happy about.

Now that you have unraveled your inner joys and have discovered what covered them in the past, keep them in remembrance all the time. When you recall them, you are reminded that it is a hassle to live a life of conformity. You have to be free and live your own signature life. This is what can really make you feel happy.

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