Suzanne Somers Shares The Secrets to Wellness

Every individual is unique, and every body requires its own set of recipes for wellness.

When calamity or sickness confronts you, how will you grasp it? You can either choose to be the victim or strategize on how you can take charge to help twist things around. You have a choice: to strive to be well or to barely get by feeling unwell. I managed to read only one of the 20 books written by Suzanne Somers. Yet, I think, she is indeed a life-author! Breakthrough is absolutely brilliant.

The book made me realize that man needs to understand how to treat himself properly and naturally. There is more to staying healthy than just knowing the general facts about diet or exercise. Staying healthy requires an in depth understanding of your own body.

The 8 steps to Wellness
Observing these wellness tips is key to staying healthy.

1. Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

2. Avoid Chemicals and Detoxify Your Body

3. Take Nutrition Seriously

4. Create a Healthy GI Tract

5. Avoid Pharmaceuticals Unless Absolutely Necessary

6. Supplement Your Diet

7. Exercise Regularly

8. Get Proper Sleep

Aside from these 8 steps to wellness, the book also provides great information on breakthrough medicine. Breakthrough medicine understands the terrible impact of chemicals in the human body. Overall, Suzanne stresses the importance of good nutrition, the necessity of avoiding chemicals and toxic sprays and replacing them with green household products, the importance of understanding stress and discovering the art of eliminating it, the need of avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, and the impact of getting a good sleep.

Top 4 takeaways from Breakthrough:

1. As stated by scientist David Schmidt: If we were to look under a microscope, we would see that MSG is creating scarring in one area of the hypothalamus that inhibits the ability of the hypothalamus to do what it is designed to do. One of which is appetite control. MSG is an excitotoxin attacking the neurotransmitters. It is even creating other damage in your body than just affecting your appetite. That is one of the reasons why after consuming diet food, you are still hungry.

2. As quoted by Suzanne Somers: Chemicals are the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind.

3. Grey Zone is the portion in your life where you have unsure circumstances or unknown state. An example is the stage where you are not young anymore but you are not old either. You are not perfectly well but you are not sick either. Suzanne Somers says that the way to reverse this is through diet and replacement of lost hormones.

4. The 3 most important things to supplement your diet would be Fish Oil as it helps to protect you from cancer as well as your heart, antioxidants as it eats up all the free radicals from all the chemicals, and COQ10 which benefits your heart.

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