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Q: I have ejaculation porblem and sometimes unabale to sustain my erection. while having sex i usually get tired. Will sukraja help me.

Dr Kirti Says

After reading your complaints I think Kama Raja is the best choice of supplement rather than Sukraja for you.

If you look at all the herbs in Kama Raja you will realise they help you for male virility problems by intensifying  orgasms, improving sex drives and pleasure, enhancing the penis by harder, longer-lasting erections, better ejaculation control and increased seminal output.

While Sukraja helps to improve male potency by increasing the sperm count and the semen volume.

It extended sexual stamina and exerts explosive ejaculation as well.

Thus my recommendation is Kama Raja supplement for you. Please visit the kamaraja.com website to learn more about the herbs and their action.

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Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar
  • Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar

    Specialty: Physiology

  • Dr. Kirti received her Bachelor of Ayurveda and Medical Science from the University of Pune in 2002 and her Doctor of Medicine in Physiology from the University of Nagpur in 2005. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Social Care from the University of Worcester (UK) in 2008 as well as a Diploma in Massage (Abhyanga and Mardana) in 2000.


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