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Attention deficit disorder

Q: Dr.kirthi what are the products shoul a person who has Attention defeceit disorder take ? ts there a doctor at kulumpur i mean at Kinrara, i just saw the contact .I need your answer before visitingthis place.thanks

Dr Kirti Says


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is primarily seen in young children. 
These children are always restless and they lack focus, it is very difficult for them to sit peacefully in one place and follow instructions. They are always hyperactive and moreover they interrupt others. 
Ayurveda works on the Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha- three elements) perspective for any disease.
In this disorder Vata energy is aggravated and that results into hyperactivity.
Now we have to work on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the patient. Find out if the patient is eating and drinking properly.
There could be irritability due to weakness. If the patient is obese then we have to rule out that cause. 
On the mental and emotional aspect, Ayurveda approaches the condition through the use of herbs. Thus for attention defeceit disorder I would recommend Clarimind supplement.
It contains excellent herbs like Centella Asiatica, Evolvulus Alsinoides, Celastrus Dependens etc. According to Ayurveda they are called as nervine tonics (medhya rasayanas) these help to calm the brain and nourish the cerebrospinal system of the body.
Now on the Spiritual aspect, help them to read motivational books, teach them yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation to concentrate and be focus.
Moreover Ayurveda procedures like head massage, full body massage, application of oil in the nostrils and ears are very benifical as well. 
All these therapies along with the supplements help to balance Vata Dosha and also support the nervous system.
I know all this is very difficult but not impossible. We have to take one step at a time.
We will achieve sucess and our children will be sucessful as well.



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Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar
  • Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar

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  • Dr. Kirti received her Bachelor of Ayurveda and Medical Science from the University of Pune in 2002 and her Doctor of Medicine in Physiology from the University of Nagpur in 2005. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Social Care from the University of Worcester (UK) in 2008 as well as a Diploma in Massage (Abhyanga and Mardana) in 2000.


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