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Q: is this safe to take with antipsychotics such as geodon and antidepressants such as ssri's and tryglicerics? also will this product help with mood disorders such as severe depression and psychosis such as schizophrenia? also, will it be safe to get off my medication while taking this? will i benefit from taking the b-supreme caps with cosmic joy, or will cosmic joy be enough, or will it have any negative reaction if i take them together? or do you have anything better than cosmic joy to help with schizophrenia and severe depression? how long with i need to take cosmic joy before i start to feel better?

Dr Kirti Says

Thank you for your enquiry and all the questions.

First of all let me inform you we use high concentration herbal extracts only thus the amount of herb used is very minute and we get the desired results.

Moreover all the herbs and supplements are backed with scientific research thus we have the best supplements for your problem. Furthermore it has no side effects.

It is fine to consume our supplements with other medicines. Being a doctor I would recommend you to consume our supplements along with the regular medicines, because once our body gets used to some medication and later if we stop taking them, our body gets confessed and it starts showing reactions.

Thus we have to tapper the dosage of your other medications instead of stopping them immediately.

According to Ayurveda the causes of insanity are having unhealthy and spoiled foods, using food and drinks in unaccustomed, contaminated and improper manner.

Moreover insanity affects those who are dejected due to worry, grief, etc., who have weak mind due to the effect of sudden increase of disease, emaciated person indulging in activities in improper ways, doing mistakes in the method of worship, by doing sinful acts, loss of balance of mind, by the effects of strong poisons or weak poisons.

Due to these reasons the doshas (three humors) get imbalanced in the mind of person with weak mind, that causes vitiation of the mind, and it invades the manovaha shrotas (central nervous system) channels and causes insanity. 

According to Ayurveda most of the mental diseases originate due to lack of clarity (sattwa) within the mind. Thus the primary goal of our treatment is to cultivate spiritual healing through proper herbal supplements, healthy lifestyle and diet.
Practicing yoga, meditation and spending some time with nature helps a lot as well. Furthermore eating good food is also important.
Ayurveda recommends herbs like Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Long Pepper, Ginger, Shatavari, Celastrus, Dwarf Morning Glory, Jatamansi and Long Pepper.
All of these herbs support healthy nervous system function; they cultivate alertness, relieve stress, support peaceful state of mind and improve brain function.
I would recommend Clarimind supplement as well. This supplement promotes natural relaxation, stimulates mental rejuvenation, fosters natural calmness and clarity, nurtures mental stamina and strengthens brain function to relieve fatigue.
Please visit the clarimind.com and cosmic-joy.com websites to find out more about the herbs and their actions.
Other miscellaneous therapies describe in Ayurveda include, Abhyanga (full body massage), shirodhara (oil dripping therapy on the fore head), shirobasti (retaining oil/ decoction on the head), ghee(clarified butter) to stimulate the mind, intellect, memory and consciousness. Face and head massage and Nasya (nasal medicines) are recommended as well.


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  • Dr. Kirti received her Bachelor of Ayurveda and Medical Science from the University of Pune in 2002 and her Doctor of Medicine in Physiology from the University of Nagpur in 2005. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Social Care from the University of Worcester (UK) in 2008 as well as a Diploma in Massage (Abhyanga and Mardana) in 2000.


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