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60-year-old man with multiple ailments

Having a family history of rheumatism, he suffers from it at a young age of 20. Since 2007, he has little or no activities at all. This resulted in massive weight gain, regular fatigue, aches in his toes when walking. He also experiences frequent tension headaches and could only achieve maximum of 5 hours sleep.

Besides suffering from rheumatism, he also had hiatus hernia 30 years ago and meningitis 27 years. He underwent mole removal sometime this year. On top of that, he now has high blood pressure and reflux syndrome. He is currently on medication for these two conditions.

Growing up, there was a lot of travelling due to his father’s job and later on his own job too. He travels to many places frequently such as South Africa, China, New Zealand, Manchester, Singapore etc. He loves having the variety of food to eat and has a spot for spicy food.

Having a BMI of 31, he is considered obese. His ideal weight should be around 86-90kg. If he can achieve a lighter weight that would even be better. However, he has to take his rheumatism into consideration for the weight loss.

Dr Kirti Says

Maintain the healthy diet that has been incorporated in his life since May 2008. Increase the intake of greens in his diet such as salads, vegetables, and green fruits like green apples and star fruits.

Eliminate rice and noodle if possible, maximum of one serving per week. Have chicken or beef instead, load up on salads like an egg salad, as well as vegetable salads.

Spices are unhealthy for the reflex and can cause a reaction. Avoid green chillies at all times. Ginger and garlic can be taken in moderation. Alternate green tea with ginger tea on some days.

Maintain sufficient water intake throughout the day, water should be consumed sip by sip.

Regulate the drinking of hot-warm green tea daily, have at least 3-4 cups per day.

Avoid bananas completely due to excess in salt and sugar intake. I will recommend a glass of sugarcane juice with sour plums at least once a week.

I would strongly advise to start taking Ayurtox as it will help get rid of toxins in the body alongside with the dietary changes. He may also continue consuming Kama Raja.

As soon as he has completed the Ayurtox course, he can then begin on Yogic Slim for weight loss, Arthmender for arthritis and Mystic Sleep for restorative sleep.

His rheumatism will certainly improve as soon as his excess weight is lost. We will work on this plan for two weeks. I encourage him to provide feedback continually and I will guide him accordingly.


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Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar
  • Dr. Kirti Paik-Inkar

    Specialty: Physiology

  • Dr. Kirti received her Bachelor of Ayurveda and Medical Science from the University of Pune in 2002 and her Doctor of Medicine in Physiology from the University of Nagpur in 2005. In addition, she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Social Care from the University of Worcester (UK) in 2008 as well as a Diploma in Massage (Abhyanga and Mardana) in 2000.


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